Clear's Tai Chi
Pre - Tai Chi gala 2019 Workshops
Henryville, PA - May 30 & 31
  • Thursday: 1pm - 4pm  (Tai Chi Lightning Fast Footwork!) - Only spots left!
  • Thursday: 4pm - 7pm  (Make Your Tai Chi Come Alive! ) - Only 3 spots left!
  •  Friday: 10am - 1pm  (5 Methods of Fa Jin) - Only 3 spots left!
  •  Friday: 2pm - 5pm  (Tai Chi Groin, Eye & Throat Strikes) - Only 3 spots left!
    Henryville, PA 
Location: Camp Lindenmere
Address: 163 Lindenmere LN, Henryville, PA
Phone: (865) 379-9997
Workshop Prices:
$149 - Individual Workshops*
$495 - All 4 Workshops*
*Limit of 8 Participants per Workshop
These Workshops will be held before the Gala. If you wish to to go to the Gala itself (does not include the pre Gala workshops) then you can use the code: 19RC when you sign up at : to receive a discount. The code is valid until May 19th.
2 Days of LIVE In-Depth Training
Hello Tai Chi-ers!
I'm so pleased to be returning once again to the Tai Chi Gala in June. The new location in the Pocanos is absolutely gorgeous, and we look forward to seeing Loretta and all the other dedicated teachers we've grown to know over the years.
These are small group, hands-on sessions with me, up close and personal! I'll be teaching:
What you'll learn:
  •   Tai Chi Lightning Fast Footwork!
  •   Make Your Tai Chi Come Alive!
  •   5 Methods of Fa Jin
  •   Tai Chi Groin, Eye & Throat Strikes
And that's just the tip of the iceberg!
Let me tell you, the methods, material, skill and understanding you will gain is real and can affect your health for the rest of your life – as well as giving you the tools to help those around you – whether it’s family, friends or potential energy healing clients. I look forward to working these techniques and gaining increased skill.
– Harry Legg
Voice of NBC Sports Radio Network
10+ Year Tai Chi Practioner & Owner of New Jersey Tai Chi
Chi Kung (Qi Gong, Qigong) are the Chinese words that translate into Energy Work that emanates from the ancient Science of Mind, Spirit, Breathing, and Posture. There are over 750 different kinds of Chi Kung and many schools of thought exist.
Fa Kung Universal Energy Emission and Transmission is one of the older and more secret schools of Chi Kung. It includes how to absorb, build, emit, and heal with Chi Energy. This includes sensing, interpreting, balancing, & healing specific injuries / illness with chi.
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See You At The Workshop!
Sigung Richard Clear
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